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Lexium 32 Servo

Lexium 32


Lexium 32 for the Leading Edge

Where power meets simplicity
Lexium 32 is a servo drive range with three servo drive models and two servo
motor families. It provides you with the drive and motor combination that has
exactly the power, performance and functionality you need and that comes at
the right price.

Superior performance and compact design
Increase the productivity of your machine with peak performance values and
outstanding motor control. Reduce the machine footprint with highly compact
motors and drives.

Simplified engineering, installation and commissioning
Get your machine up and running faster, with more ease and cost-effectiveness
than ever.

Open for the world of motion
Lexium 32 supports a great number of standardized motion interfaces.
Communication boards and encoder options adapt your Lexium 32 solution to
your automation architecture. Leverage the full power of existing assets such
as applications or legacy motors.

Integrated safety
Benefi t from standards-compliant safety on board. If required, use the optional
safety module to easily add more safety and reduce the time and money spent
on safety engineering and certifications.


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