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Portal Axes Servo


  Product Description
  Berger Lahr has added the PAS portal axes to the well-known linear range. PAS portal axes are available in ballscrew and toothed-belt models to meet different requirements. The portal axes are designed to be extremely user-friendly and can be supplied with various Berger Lahr drives and controllers. The maximum power of the axis can be reached only if axis, motor and electronics are optimally matched. Our field sales representatives will be pleased to advise you.
  Flexible drive interface
  The coupling modules make it easy to attach motors and gearing. The drive and end blocks are identical on the toothed-belt axes. Additional drive and output components can be attached with one coupling or a shaft journal at both ends.
  The sizes of the axes are optimally matched to customer requirements. Axes of the same size are compatible regardless of axis type (ballscrew or toothed belt). All carriages are fitted with lubrication adapters on both sides for optimum lubrication.
  Flexible adapters
  There are side and bottom ITEM-compatible T-slots for flexible attachment of the axis on the axial sections. The limit stop sensors can be moved along a T-slot. The carriage holes are prepared to accept the centring rings.
  Wide variety of options
  Axes are available with a metal cover strip to protect the interior against dirt. All axes can be fitted with up to three carriages and any desired carriage separation. Toothedbelt axes are available as ball guide or roller guide version, ballscrew axes as ball guide version. Corrosion-resistant and antistatic versions of the toothed-belt axes are also available.
  Ballscrew axes are recommended for precise positioning of loads at low speeds and high feed forces. Toothed-belt axes are preferred when dynamic response, high positioning speed and long strokes are required. The following table shows a comparison of the most important technical data of the two types of axis.

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